Teamsters Local Union No. 104
Teamsters Local Union No. 104

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2022 Election
Oct 17, 2022

Sisters and Brothers, Below is a list of our endorsed candidates. Teamsters Local 104 takes every election seriously and we interview each candidate that will fill out our questionnaire, who will sit down with members of TLU 104, and will be asked about labor/union history and, if an incumbent, we look at the voting history of each person. This year, the American Rescue Plan secured pensions for many retirees, and those looking to retire. The Infrastructure bill carved out much needed dollars to fix our broken roads and bridges, and secured Teamsters jobs for years to come. 

In Arizona, a bipartisan bill was passed to bring back film. We will no longer be a drive-through state as we see states around us prospering as we are left with dust on our boots and empty pockets . Republicans and Democrats worked on this bill to open the doors to the film industry. 

In the climate that we live in, it is important to ask yourselves: Do they have MY best interest when they vote for bills? When you ask ARE THEY LABOR FRIENDLY, and they do not align with Labor, it is time to look for those that do. The friends we find at the capitol are on both sides, some are more vocal and some are behind the scenes working tirelessly to make sure that Arizona is the BEST in the WEST. 

November 8, 2022 is voting day! Send your ballots in, drop them off at the early ballot locations, and if you want to vote in person on the 8th, polls open at 6:00am and close at 7:00pm.

Happy Democracy,

Dawn Schumann, Political Director

Teamsters Local 104

Teamsters Local Union No. 104
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